Book Review: A Peculiar Glory

I got this book signed by the author after hearing him lecture at the Lanier Theological Library.

This work is an exceptional study into the reliability of Scripture. While many books on this topic start from the standpoint of the historical and logical reasons to believe the Bible, Piper explicitly eschews this approach, preferring to argue that the Scriptures testify to their own reliability by showcasing, in unique ways, the indubitable glory of God. Along the way, he reviews the origin of the canon, the nature of textual criticism and transmission of manuscripts, and the unique authority of the apostles.

Highly recommended book, simply the best on the topic. This work shows Piper’s own academic abilities more than many of his other books, but remains accessible and readable. And, like any of Piper’s teaching, A Peculiar Glory is saturated through and through with the unmistakable evidences of contact with and delight in the glory of God.

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