Book Review: Flags Out Front

Charming novel in the style of Wodehouse and Chesterton. Timely, too. The plot is simple: set in today’s day and age, the president of a small Bible college ends up embroiled in a national controversy over the relative placement of the national, Christian, and state flags flown out front. What began as a drunk prank escalates into pitched battle of sorts between the left-wing, secular types who can’t stand to see the exaltation of Christ and the right-wing, patriotic types who can’t stand to see the national flag being put down.

After this year of both left-wing and right-wing protests over the nature of the flag and the national anthem, this is a valuable book to expose the false religion of American patriotism so many conservatives unthinkingly embrace.

Wilson’s prose is delightful and on-point. The characters are shallow and remain somewhat undeveloped, and certain plot points do stretch the imagination a bit. However, this is a short work and I finished it feeling that one-dimensional characters were entirely appropriate and the plot was entertaining and enjoyable, whatever its shortcomings. The story serves to support a deeper message that shines through quite readily without being obtuse.

Excellent work. Highly recommend.

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