2018 Reading List

Throughout 2017, numerous books and interviews challenged me to focus my information consumption on higher-value sources and develop a more well-rounded perspective on the world. Several books (including, most recently, The Black Swan) highlighted the shortcomings of our rapid-response, minimal-thought news cycle. Furthermore, the example of key intellectual figures such as Adam Robinson, Tyler Cowan, Josh Waitzkin, Nasir Taleb, and others1 encouraged me to seek out a broader, deeper knowledge base and spend more time thinking about the world.

Enter Tim Challies. His popular blog has posted an annual reading challenge for several years, designed to “help you read more and to broaden the scope of your reading.” I picked it up and have begun checking off some of the titles on the list. My goal is to read 60 books in total this year; I’m using this list as a guide, in no particular order, to expand the scope of what I’m reading. Links in this list will take you to my review of the book, or for future books, an Amazon link.

CategoryBook SelectedFinished
1. BiographyJohn Adams by David McCullough1/19
2. About Christian LivingAfter You Believe by N.T. Wright1/22
3. Published in 2018Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt1/16
4. By an author who is no longer alive1/21
5. A novelDune, by Frank Herbert2/28
6. For teens or young adults by Richard Adams
7.More than 100 years old
8. Targeted at the opposite gender
9. Book Your Best Friend Recommends
10. Book With at Least 400 PagesThe Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb1/13
11. Book of Your Choice
12. Book About Theologycurrently reading
13. Book About Current Events
14. Book About Christian Living
15. Book of 100 Pages or Less
16. Book About the Early Church
17. Book With a Picture of the Author on the CoverLeadership Gold by John Maxwell2currently reading
18. Book on the Current New York Times List of BestsellersTribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss3/16
19. Book Written by a Puritan
20. Book by or About a PastorFidelity by Doug Wilson3/16
21. Book of Your ChoicePeak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness1/29
22. Commentary on a Book of the Bible
23. Book About Theology
24. Book That Won a PrizeStreams in the Desert by Richard Foster
25. Book You Have Borrowed
26. Book About Christian History
27. A Novel by an author you have never read before
28. A book based on a true story
29. A book by a female author
30. A play
31. A humorous book
32. A self-improvement book12 Rule for Life by Jordan B. Petersoncurrently reading
33. A book about prayer
34. A graphic novel
35. A book about christian livingOne-to-One Discipleship3/3
36. A book from a theological viewpoint you disagree with
37. A book by or about a politician
38. A classic novel
39. A book with a two-word title
40. A book by a male author
41. A book you’re pretty sure you won’t like
42. A book of your choice
43. A book about theology
44. A memoir or autobiography
45. A book about christian living
46. A book published by Christian focus
47. A book of poetry
48. A book targeted at your gender
49. A book of your choice
50. A book about Christian living
51. A book by R.C. Sproul
52. A book of your choice
53. A book you read in the past three yearsThe Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser
54. A book of your choice
55. A book by your favorite author
56. A book about science
57. A book written in the nineteenth century
58. A book about christian living
59. A book by or about a martyr
60. A book about history
  1. I was introduced to most of these through the exceptional long-form podcasts Conversations with Tyler and The Tim Ferriss Podcast)
  2. I am reading this as a chapter each week for six months, kind of a little "leadership devotional" each Monday.