Regarding Our Surveillance State

I recently finished John Adams (a review is coming soon) and realized the striking contrast between the tyrannical oversteps by the British government and the much more substantial insults to liberty we experience today in America. Put another way—if the founding fathers were alive today, they would be fuming, furious, and revolting—and likely shocked at our … Continue reading "Regarding Our Surveillance State"

Interesting Reading

On staying humble: Church Planters Are Farmers, not Rock Stars This article is not just applicable for church planters or those in ministry; it’s really good advice for anyone. Work hard and resist the temptation to seek rock star status. Why Getting Millenials to Read Books Can Help Free Speech Samuel James writes that much … Continue reading "Interesting Reading"

The Practice Of Scripture

The practice reading scripture, studying scripture, acting scripture, singing scripture – generally soaking oneself in scripture as an individual and community – has been seen from the earliest days of Christianity as central to the formation of Christian character.

First Darkness, then Light

Everything in this world must grow and ripen, must struggle to find its way from darkness to light, as on the first day, “And there was evening and there was morning, the first day” (Genesis 1:5). First it was evening and then morning, not vice versa. Every good development that is God’s will begins in … Continue reading "First Darkness, then Light"

On Bible Reading

Russell Moore shares some compelling remarks on Biblical literacy in his article “Have Bible Quoters Replaced Bible Readers?”. He quotes David Nienhuis, author of : “Some of my students attend popular non-denominational churches led by entrepreneurial leaders who claim to be ‘Bible believing’ and strive to offer sermons that are ‘relevant’ for successful Christian living,” [Neinhuis] … Continue reading "On Bible Reading"

The Power of Habit

Excellent review of the neurobiological basis for habits, the essential components of a habit loop, and how to use this science to effectively change habits. Duhigg leverages powerful anecdotes from medicine, science, business, psychology, and more to illustrate the key principles he describes. At its core, this book is about understanding that habits are routine … Continue reading "The Power of Habit"

Productivity: The Personal Hedgehog

In my last post, we discussed how productivity—efficiency at doing things—must be balanced with planning to be maximally effective. There are a lot of great books, blog posts, magazine articles, and podcast episodes discussing how to be more efficient. However, not as much attention is given to understanding what we should be doing or developing … Continue reading "Productivity: The Personal Hedgehog"