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On staying humble: Church Planters Are Farmers, not Rock Stars

This article is not just applicable for church planters or those in ministry; it’s really good advice for anyone. Work hard and resist the temptation to seek rock star status.

Why Getting Millenials to Read Books Can Help Free Speech

Samuel James writes that much of the current hostility towards free speech is a generational issue rooted in the way Millenials view speech based on being raised in the Internet age. He writes:

When Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro or Ross Douthat write or say something that aggrieves their presuppositions, the millennial brain responds by insisting that not only are those words wrong (which is a legitimate response), but the fact that they had to hear them is a moral negative (which is not). If ideas are nothing more than words, and if words are nothing more than customizable strokes on an interface, then it does not make any moral sense that anyone should have to read or hear anything they dislike….Analog learning, by contrast, impresses upon our minds the objective reality of words. Nothing you can do can make the words in that book go away.

Another case to be made for books, and an interesting approach to understanding the anti-free-speech phenomenon.

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