Book Review: What It Takes

by Richard Cramer first hit my reading list after listening to a podcast interview with political journalist Ezra Klein. He called this book, “The best political journalism writing out there,” and highly recommended it. As part of my 2018 Reading Challenge, I tackled this under the category, “Books by an author who is no longer … Continue reading "Book Review: What It Takes"

What is Church?

When we look at Acts, particularly Acts 2, a few distinctive elements jump out that define what a church is. And what's missing from Acts, and the New Testament, shows us what is not essential to the definition of a church.

Church-centric missions

The only Scriptural model of missions is church based, and focused on church planting. “We want to support church-based ministries because God’s plan A is the church and he has no plan B....

Of Interest

No Rules Recess: I love this. Incidentally, this was a large part of my life as a child. Turns out, letting kids use their imaginations and play however they want works wonder. “[T]hey were so active at recess that they returned to class vibrant and motivated, ready to learn” Tyler Cowen on marijuana legalization: His … Continue reading "Of Interest"

Whining Does No Good

“You cry, I’m suffering severe pain! Are you then relieved from feeling it, if you bear it in an unmanly way?” —Seneca, Moral Letters, 78.17 quoted in , pg. 48 Great insight. What is termed a “Stoic response” to suffering is really a response rooted in this wisdom: whining, complaining, and having a pity party … Continue reading "Whining Does No Good"

2018 Reading Challenge

My goal is to read 60 books this year in order to develop a a broader, deeper knowledge base, expand my thinking about the world, and improve the “life of my mind.” Throughout 2017, numerous books and interviews challenged me to focus my information consumption on higher-value sources. Several books (including, most recently, The Black Swan) … Continue reading "2018 Reading Challenge"


Your Conscience Tells You What not to Do, Wisdom Tells You What to Do The title is the main point, but this column does have some more good points; this includes the concept that wisdom trains your conscience, and without wisdom, worry or anxiety does the training. Also, this great line as the conclusion, answering … Continue reading "Miscellany"

The 5 AM Club

For the past few years, I’ve found rising early to be a “secret weapon” allowing me to be more productive, more focused, and get more done. As the speaker in this video explains, these early morning hours are magical. The rest of the world is quiet, distractions are less, and the mind is at its … Continue reading "The 5 AM Club"