Your Conscience Tells You What not to Do, Wisdom Tells You What to Do
The title is the main point, but this column does have some more good points; this includes the concept that wisdom trains your conscience, and without wisdom, worry or anxiety does the training. Also, this great line as the conclusion, answering the question, what do I do about this?:

Read the book of Proverbs. Then read Ecclesiastes. And finally, Song of Songs. Proverbs teaches you how to live well, Ecclesiastes to suffer well, and Song of Songs to love well. Together, Solomon teaches you how to live, to think about the world, and to love.

Anecdotally, my parents encouraged/forced me to develop the habit of spending a lot of time in Proverbs growing up. I still read a Proverb every morning—Proverbs has 31 days, so do most months, so I read whichever Proverb is the calendar date. Today it was Proverbs 6. Through this practice, these storehouses of ancient wisdom have become close friends and advisors.

The Five Tests of False Doctrine
Great heuristic1 to use in analyzing doctrinal ideas. A doctrine is really the codification of something we believe; there is great value in self-reflection, determining what we actually believe (not what we say we believe) and then comparing these beliefs to these five tests.

How should you take and write notes in books?
Interesting approach; Cowan uses a method that does not markup books to preserve the source for re-reads. I tend to highlight and markup books I own, inspired, at least in part, by the practices of folks like Jonathan Edwards and John Adams.

What Debit Card “Skimmers” Look Like (found at Aldi’s)
“Skimmers” are inserts or attachments on ATMs, gas pumps, and checkout terminals that copy your card’s magnetic stripe and gets your PIN number or zip code. Using this, credit card thiefs can then create duplicate copies of your card and sell them or sell your card data online. This has become a common way for cards to be compromised. Great article explaining some new, very covert skimmer devices found at Aldi stores in Pennsylvania. There’s a couple great ways to reduce your risk to these devices: First, use Apple Pay if it’s available: Its a more secure method of checking out that makes it nearly impossible for your financial payment details to be stolen and used. Second, don’t use your primary bank account card if you can help it. Using credit cards or a secondary account limits the exposure of your money if your card does get hijacked

  1. A heuristic is “any approach to problem solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method not guaranteed to be optimal or perfect, but sufficient for the immediate goals.” Great word to know and great concept to apply. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heuristic