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No Rules Recess:
I love this. Incidentally, this was a large part of my life as a child. Turns out, letting kids use their imaginations and play however they want works wonder. “[T]hey were so active at recess that they returned to class vibrant and motivated, ready to learn”

Tyler Cowen on marijuana legalization:
His post discusses new research showing that marijuana legalization leads to greater potency and illustrates how economics predicts that. He then mentions that “marijuana legalization has moved rather rapidly into being an overrated idea” and continue:

It seems to me wrong and immoral to put people in jail for ingesting substances into their body, or for aiding others in doing so, at least provided fraud is absent in the transaction.  That said, IQ is so often what is truly scarce in society.  And voluntary consumption decisions that lower IQ are not something we should be regarding with equanimity.

His solution is to use regulation/taxation policies to discourage consumption, particularly of more potent ideas. This has precedence; as he mentions, in most states, beer is treated differently than whiskey.

(Via Marginal REVOLUTION)

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