My name is Samuel Kordik. On this site, I share what I am learning, thinking about, and find interesting.   Since my interests are all over the map, this ends up being an eclectic collection of posts.

The unifying theme of this blog is the central theme of my life: To glorify God by working hard, chasing excellence, and never settling.

Why Steadfast Warrior?

These are both appellations given to me under special circumstances. The adjective steadfast means “resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.” Being steadfast is an aspiration of mine—I strive to be firm and unwavering in my faith in Christ and firm and unwavering in my standards. The title warrior is not one I would have taken for myself. I have never served in the military and was not much of a fighter growing up. Over the course of several years, I began to embrace the name given me and discover that one could be a warrior without engaging in much earthly war. As I have fought for the good fight of the faith and adopted a more warrior-like mindset, I have seen how being a warrior fits me.

About Me

Most importantly, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and a lover of God. My identity as a Christian pervades every other area of my life and defines how I approach my purpose, my relationships, my work, and my pursuits. I am married to a wonderful, beautiful, kind-hearted woman. I enjoy reading, adventuring, tinkering, and hanging out with our two dogs.

Professionally, I am a paramedic. I have the privilege of working for one of the best 911 EMS agencies in the country, where I teach initial and continuing education courses, work to improve the quality of medical care, analyze data, and occasionally respond to actual 911 calls on the ambulance.