Book Review: What It Takes

by Richard Cramer first hit my reading list after listening to a podcast interview with political journalist Ezra Klein. He called this book, “The best political journalism writing out there,” and highly recommended it. As part of my 2018 Reading Challenge, I tackled this under the category, “Books by an author who is no longer … Continue reading "Book Review: What It Takes"

2018 Reading Challenge

My goal is to read 60 books this year in order to develop a a broader, deeper knowledge base, expand my thinking about the world, and improve the “life of my mind.” Throughout 2017, numerous books and interviews challenged me to focus my information consumption on higher-value sources. Several books (including, most recently, The Black Swan) … Continue reading "2018 Reading Challenge"

The Power of Habit

Excellent review of the neurobiological basis for habits, the essential components of a habit loop, and how to use this science to effectively change habits. Duhigg leverages powerful anecdotes from medicine, science, business, psychology, and more to illustrate the key principles he describes. At its core, this book is about understanding that habits are routine … Continue reading "The Power of Habit"

Book Review: Flags Out Front

Charming novel in the style of Wodehouse and Chesterton. Timely, too. The plot is simple: set in today’s day and age, the president of a small Bible college ends up embroiled in a national controversy over the relative placement of the national, Christian, and state flags flown out front. What began as a drunk prank … Continue reading "Book Review: Flags Out Front"

Book Review: Future Grace

The title of this book does not do it justice. Paired with the subtitle, it makes a little more sense: “The Purifying Power of Living By Faith in Future Grace.” Even then, it still fails to accurately convey the compelling, life-altering teachings found in this book. Future Grace seems to be much more essential than … Continue reading "Book Review: Future Grace"

Book Review: A Peculiar Glory

I got this book signed by the author after hearing him lecture at the Lanier Theological Library. This work is an exceptional study into the reliability of Scripture. While many books on this topic start from the standpoint of the historical and logical reasons to believe the Bible, Piper explicitly eschews this approach, preferring to … Continue reading "Book Review: A Peculiar Glory"

Book Review: Elementary Principles

Hebrews 6:1–2 alludes to the “elementary principles” of Christianity and asserts that the epistle’s recipients should have mastered these teachings already and be able to move on to more advanced concepts. It is clear that the author considered the six principles to be foundational and commonly understood, not needing more explanation. Lancaster unpacks these teachings … Continue reading "Book Review: Elementary Principles"