What is Church?

When we look at Acts, particularly Acts 2, a few distinctive elements jump out that define what a church is. And what's missing from Acts, and the New Testament, shows us what is not essential to the definition of a church.

Church-centric missions

The only Scriptural model of missions is church based, and focused on church planting. “We want to support church-based ministries because God’s plan A is the church and he has no plan B....

Life is plural

The community of Church is not an accessory or an optional part of Christian living. It is at the center of living fully as a human and indispensable to spiritual growth.

The Practice Of Scripture

The practice reading scripture, studying scripture, acting scripture, singing scripture – generally soaking oneself in scripture as an individual and community – has been seen from the earliest days of Christianity as central to the formation of Christian character.

On Bible Reading

Russell Moore shares some compelling remarks on Biblical literacy in his article “Have Bible Quoters Replaced Bible Readers?”. He quotes David Nienhuis, author of : “Some of my students attend popular non-denominational churches led by entrepreneurial leaders who claim to be ‘Bible believing’ and strive to offer sermons that are ‘relevant’ for successful Christian living,” [Neinhuis] … Continue reading "On Bible Reading"