Book Review: Elementary Principles

Hebrews 6:1–2 alludes to the “elementary principles” of Christianity and asserts that the epistle’s recipients should have mastered these teachings already and be able to move on to more advanced concepts. It is clear that the author considered the six principles to be foundational and commonly understood, not needing more explanation. Lancaster unpacks these teachings using his unique perspective from Messianic Judaism and drawing on early Christian literature and first- and second-century rabbinical writings as well as modern Christian authors such as Scot McKnight and N.T. Wright. Continue reading “Book Review: Elementary Principles”

Book Review: The Last Days According to Jesus

This book is primarily an exploration and defense of preteristic eschatological interpretation. Although this is written for a general audience, it is definitely an academic work. Sproul does not spend a lot of time explaining background principles of hermeneutics or Christian theology. He also avoids making many emphatic statements, preferring instead to present an argument and let the reader draw conclusions.

Sproul’s stated purpose in this book is to evaluate the time-frame claims of Christ in the Olivet Discourse, his famed prophecy regarding the coming “Day of the Lord.” As Sproul points out, many biblical critics have found cause for dismissing Christ and the Bible as a fraud based on these assertions. The preterist defends the validity of Scripture by holding that all or most of the prophetic eschatological claims in the New Testament were fulfilled by the destruction of Jerusalem. Continue reading “Book Review: The Last Days According to Jesus”